Board of Directors

Jeanne Becker


In March of 2017, Jeanne ran for and was elected to our Sun Lakes Country Club HOA #1 Board of Directors; at that time, she was elected Treasurer; in 2018, she was elected Vice-President; in March of 2019, she was elected President; and in March of 2021, she was elected Secretary where she presently serves.


Jerry Bickford


Jerry moved to Sun Lakes in April 2017 and was elected to the Board of Directions of Sun Lakes HOA #1 where he is currently serving a three-year term and serves as Chairman/Board Liaison to the Architectural Committee.


Jerry spent 20 years in the United States Air Force and retired in Austin, Texas.  After moving to Chandler in 1996 he became actively involved in the American Legion, a veteran service organization. 


Alex Coltran


Alex was elected to the Board of Directors for a three year term in early 2020. She has lived in Sun Lakes since 2010.


From the beginning Alex made it a point to get involved in activities of the HOA. She was on the governing documents committee which successfully obtained the necessary signatures to completely update our CC&Rs and Bylaws. She also served on the Architectural Committee for four years and served on the Nominating Committee multiple times.


Janice Cournoyer

Board President

Janice was elected to the Board of Directors in 2020 for a three year term. At that time, she was elected as the Board Treasure; and in March of 2021, her Board colleagues elected her as Board President where she presently serves.

Janice served on several committees before originally being elected to the Board of Directors in 2013, then was re-elected in 2016. She served as an officer all six years; She served first as Secretary, then Treasurer and served as President for three years. She served as Chairman of the Budget & Finance Committee, where she now serves as Board Liaison.


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Vince DeVos

Board Vice President

Since his election to the Board, Vince has served as liaison to the Long-Range Planning Committee to develop and present a plan for the remodel of the Fitness Center and he currently serves the Board Vice President. He very much enjoys working with others to solve problems for the greater good of the association.


Steve Howell


Steve was elected to the Board of Directors in 2017. He previously served as Vice President in 2020 and Treasurer in 2019 and 2018 which included serving as Board liaison to the Budget & Finance Committee. He served as co-liaison for the CC&R Consolidation and Revision Committee in 2017 and Board liaison to the Election Committee in 2019.


Denis White


In 2018, Denis was elected to a three-year term on Sun Lakes HOA #1 Board of Directors. He presently serves as the Board Treasurer. He also serves as President of the Member Assistance Club (MAC), which is a resource for Sun Lakes Country Club residents. Denis served as Chair of the Long-Range Planning Committee and was previously a member of the Budget & Finance Committee. He and his wife Carol have lived in Sun Lakes Country Club since 2006.